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Olivia and Brent's Wedding in Waterford CT

Ryan Williams


Olivia and Brent were married on August 27th, with a ceremony and reception at a private residence along the Niantic River in Waterford, CT.

These two met at the hospital where they both work, and they would always go out of their way to run into each other. A week before he asked her out, she complained to her sister, "I don't understand why it's so hard to find a guy who wears Ray Bans, has a great beard, and loves Bob Dylan." As it turns out, “the cool guy with the beard and cardigans from the ER” was exactly the guy she was looking for! 

They went on their first date to her favorite frozen yogurt shop, and he had on his Ray Bans despite the dry weather. On the way home, a Bob Dylan song that wasn’t popularly known came on the radio, and he knew every word! After that, she would always make sure she was at the desk when she knew the ER was en route to her unit.

As for Brent, he thought that Olivia was so out of his league that he would never have a chance with her, which ironically made it easier for him to talk to her—he wasn’t trying to be cool or impress her. When they were dating, he kept waiting for her to realize that he wasn’t in her league—and he was just grateful for every moment of time together—but it never happened!

When Brent was ready to propose, he was too excited and impatient for something elaborate. In fact, he kept playing with the ring once he had it and secretly hoping she would catch him with it so he could have an excuse not to have to wait! But in the meantime, Olivia was getting suspicious. She saw that he was spending a lot of time on his phone and being very protective of it and “going to the store” without her being allowed to come. She had convinced herself that he was going to break up with her, so when he suggested that they try the Red Lion Inn for a date, she thought that was where he was going to break the news that he was in love with someone else. When he asked her to walk with him around the church yard while they waited for their reservation, she was put out, thinking he should at least buy her dinner before they broke up. She was so caught up with the drama in her head that it took her a while to realize he was down on one knee!

Brent was sure to include family in the proposal. Tori and Sam were in on everything from the beginning. Tori helped to pick out the ring, while Sam helped with the proposal plans. So, when the wedding came, it was clear they were just as involved! 

Of course, it was also so important to preserve those moments of intimacy together. Originally, they didn’t want to do a first look for their wedding because they wanted to see each other for the first time as Olivia walked down the aisle. But as their schedule grew more crammed and their emotions steadily grew to overwhelming proportions, they decided they wanted to have a moment just the two of them to enjoy the importance of the day at the place where they fell in love. 

The ceremony was simply beautiful, and it was so touching to be part of a day filled with love—not only the love of a bride and groom but the love of their family and friends for their union!

Brent & Olivia, thank you so much for letting us be part of this amazing day. It’s so wonderful to see your love for one another!



Caterer: Fresh Taste Buds- Groton, CT

Florist: Smith's Acres- East Lyme, CT

Dress and hairpiece: Everthine Bridal, Madison, CT

Men's attire: JCrew

Bridesmaids dresses: Alfred Angelo 

Rental equipment: Connecticut Rental Center

Doors, alter, and ceremony benches: homemade

Hair: Cynthia Rossini

Makeup: Caitlin Kelly-Bruscoe

Cake: The Cake Lady- New London, CT

DJ: Dan Cavanaugh at And the Beat Goes On ; Charlotte Kendrick and Dan Rowe

First Dance Song -Fool for You- John Butler Trio