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Robyn and Charles Glamorous Wedding

Ryan Williams


The Farmington Gardens ceremony was perfect. they got the one nice day in April 19, 2019. it had been cold and the weather had been very unpredictable- the concern was that they weren’t going to be able to have an outdoor ceremony bc it was cold and raw, the weather was warm, sunny and could not have been lovelier.

Well, it all began with a food drive and a fateful sandwich. One hot & hazy summer day, the local food shelf was about to close its doors because they had run out of food, so the radio station Robyn was working for jumped into action and organized an emergency food collection. Charles wasted no time agreeing to let them collect donations outside his supermarket- and I mean if you’re going to collect food, it may as well be outside a place that has 65,000 square feet of food inside it! While they were collecting, Charles came out and asked them if they would like some lunch and said he would be happy to make us up some sandwiches. Well, Robyn is a sucker for a good sandwich, so without hesitation, she said, "Sure!" After that, it was a sealed deal. A casual conversation quickly became a lasting friendship and after many years of awkward dates, failed relationships with other people, and celebratory skydives after breakups with said other people, they realized why were they wasting their time? They knew that if there were going to be any more awkward dates that they should be with each other. And that, my friends, is how the Miller High Life began.

The years rolled on and this party of two became a party of three and their little love nugget Adeline was born. In the flesh was a real-life goofy mix of the two of us rolled into one bunny-loving, snack-crazed, beautiful little girl. A fun little side that helps Robyn remember their anniversaries that all their special dates magically began coinciding with celestial events.

Charles proposed to Robyn on the weekend of the Diamond Solar Eclipse. They have a dating anniversary right around the Winter Solstice and there was one more... oh right, they got married on the pink moon!


Makeup and Hair: Therese Burdick

DJ: Atmosphere Productions

Dress: Elvidaz Bridal Designed by: Maggie Sottero

Accessories: Davids Bridal

Caterer: Farmington Gardens

Florist: Shop Rite Enfield

Limo Service: Premiere Limo

The Rings: Stevens Jewelers and Furnari Jewelers