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Sarah and David's Wedding at the Lord Jeffrey Inn

Ryan Williams

Sarah and David were married on October 25th, with a ceremony and reception at the Lord Jeffrey Inn

Dave grew up in Chicago, and so that’s where he wanted to propose. The day before Thanksgiving in 2014, he brought Sarah to the John Hancock Tower on Michigan Avenue. Sarah suspected something, but Dave had a history of surprise dinners, so there was no real guarantee of a ring. Dave managed to play it sufficiently cool as the restaurant staff prepared a table with a stunning view of the Loop, Navy Pier, and the Wilis (nee Sears) Tower. With a little-unexpected help from a tourist taking pictures in front of the table, Sarah didn’t notice the flowers on the table until it was too late and Dave was already on one knee. When she said yes, the entire dining room broke into applause. 

Before the ceremony, Sarah and David decided to have a first look. She couldn’t wait to see Dave in his suit and for Dave to see her in her dress, and she seemed so much more relaxed for having seen him.

The ceremony itself was beautiful, especially the look in Dave’s eyes when he couldn’t keep from watching Sarah the entire time. It was clear that these two truly care for each other as well as for the people around them.

After the ceremony, Dave and Sarah had a “yichud,” which is a moment in Jewish tradition that the bride and groom share alone after the ceremony. For just a few moments, it was just the two of them, and they both came back from it feeling ready to take on the reception and all the celebrations ahead. 

Sarah & David, thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your celebrations. It was truly a beautiful and memorable occasion!



Cake Maker: Greggory's Pastry

DJ or Band: Viren Entertainment

First Dance Song: You Are the Best Thing - Ray Lamontagne

Dress Boutique: Camilla's - Arlington, MA

Caterer: LJI

Florist: Designing Images