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Amanda and Brendan's Wedding at the Union Bluff Meeting House

Ryan Williams


Amanda and Brendan were married on September 2nd, with a ceremony near the water and reception at the Union Bluff Meeting House in York Beach, Maine.

Brendan and Amanda met when Brendan’s future co-best man, Salvatore, invited Brendan to a birthday party for a girl at his high school. Salvatore’s mom drove them both to Amanda’s 14th birthday party, and they met her on the front steps. They hung out on the trampoline, and at the end of the night, Amanda stopped Brendan to ask if she could give him a hug.

In 2014, Amanda and Brendan took a trip to Disney World together. Their first stop was at Hollywood Studios, and Brendan knew that there was a caricature artist there. Amanda had wanted to get a caricature done of the two of them for years, and before lunch, he told her that they should finally get it done. He spoke to the artist beforehand, under the guise of asking about his schedule, to tell her that he wanted to propose, so after lunch, the artist was ready to do his part.

The artist had Brendan sit down first to draw him and then started to draw Amanda as a small family looked on with dawning comprehension as they realized what was about to happen. When the artist finished the picture, Amanda turned to look, and she realized that the caricature was proposing to her. “Wait… WHAT?” Amanda blurted out before she turned to see that Brendan, in real life, was down on one knee. She started to cry and try to grab the ring, then said, “Oh, wait, do I have to say yes?”

On the day of the wedding, Amanda and Brendan had decided not to see each other before the ceremony, so that moment when they saw each other walking down the aisle was so pure. Amanda didn’t want to trip and fall, so she had a bit of tunnel vision just focusing on Brendan and nothing else going on around her.

Interestingly, some of the bartenders and others at the venue were sure to tell Amanda and Brendan that they had seen a lot of weddings there but that those two had something truly special. They were honestly impressed by the love they shared as well as by the people they surrounded themselves with!

After the ceremony, it was off to the reception where they shared their first dance. One of the sweetest moments, though was after the mother/son dance when Amanda and all of the groomsmen crashed the end of the dance. It wasn’t a planned move—they just all had the same idea!

Brendan & Amanda, thank you so much for letting us be part of this amazing day. You both truly share such beautiful love for each other, and we wish you the very best!

Angela and Fams' York ME Wedding

Ryan Williams

Angela and Nfamara (known as Fams to his friends and family) were married on October 22nd, with a ceremony at a private home in York, Maine, followed by a reception dinner at The Steakhouse in Wells, Maine. 

These two had gone on vacation to Maine a few days after Christmas in 2014 and went for a walk on the Marginal Way. Usually, they would sit on the rocks and just talk and enjoy the views, but it was freezing cold, and Angela kept asking if they could leave. Fams’ response? NO. But it was worth it when she turned around to see him down on one knee!

Angela and Fams had decided not to do a first look before the ceremony. Fams thought they would do it, but the night before the wedding, she told him to sleep somewhere else and would not even let him text her good morning—no contact before the wedding. It was hard for Angela, because Fams is usually the one to calm her down when she’s nervous, but she said that she would never forget the look in his eyes when she arrived at the ceremony. He held her hand after she walked down the aisle to him, and you could see her completely calming down after that. 

The house that they rented for the ceremony was absolutely stunning, and we were able to get some wonderful pictures with the bridal party in that amazing venue. 

One of the other things I loved about this wedding was the little details in the way the bridal party took care of the bride and groom. Someone even thought to bring mints, because your mouth goes dry when you’re nervous!

Fams & Angela, thank you so much for allowing me to be part of this amazing day in your lives. Congratulations to you both!


Dress Boutique: The Bridal and Tux Boutique Greenfield MA

Florist: Dandelions Easthampton MA  

Makeup: Artistry by Liz

Dresses: Davids Bridal

Brides Rings: Pompeii 3 Jewelry

Grooms Ring: Sayegh Jewelers